We are a hybrid – borne of the old school, bred by the new. Our roots are grounded in a deep respect for the old school’s legends: pioneers of the game who exuded intelligence, integrity, and initiative. But thanks to them, we are better innovators.

And we are creating the generation we’ve been waiting for.


Our organization was created by and for a legion of student-athletes distinguished in part by their disadvantageous life circumstances, in part by their love affair with basketball, and in part by their ambition to do more.


We call them Young Veterans.


The Young Vet hails from the other side of the tracks where opportunities are few and far between. He is misjudged, mistreated, misguided and left to fend for himself.

But no disadvantage is too great: the Young Vet’s mind is his strength. By exercising restraint with his dissatisfaction about his life circumstances, he funnels it into the game, exchanging frustration for control.

With the basketball court as his stage, the Young Vet, aware that he is a work in progress, courageously battles the call of gangs, the allure of drugs at arm’s reach, and the unending glorification of street life by searching for greatness in the spirit of authenticity, respect, and integrity.

For their stories and their futures, all Young Vets – model student-athletes, stewards of their communities, and distinguished professionals — should be heralded.




The Young Vets Program works with student-athletes who are aware of their weaknesses and hungry to redefine the less-than-perfect blueprint that they were handed. In exchange for an open mind and a promise to put in work, we help basketball players in high-school develop the skills, know-how, and network that they need to rework their game plans with success.

Our six-week summer program integrates pro-level basketball training, community service, professional workshops, academic enrichment, and challenging outdoor excursions with an intensive residential experience. Everything we do is strongly rooted in our core values of intelligence, integrity, and initiative.




The people behind the Young Vets are an eclectic bunch united by their commonalities:

a passion for empowering youth and a dream to build a new generation of leaders:


Cesar Martinez

Co-Founder and Executive Director

Martinez combined his longtime passion for mentoring and coaching with his experience as a student-athlete and expertise as an educational administrator to found YV.

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Neveen Mahmoud

Co-Founder and COO

Mahmoud, a Philadelphia native, joined YV because she believes in the program’s innovative approach to enhancing social outcomes and cultivating true leaders in the process.

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Cameron Henry

Creative Director

Cameron Henry is a Renaissance Man who enjoys applying his creative talents to positive social initiatives.

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Rachel Antrobus

Director of Student-Athlete Development

Antrobus brings 15 years of advocacy, policy, and outreach experience within a broad range of issues plaguing at-risk youth to the YV Team.

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Steven Mason

Director of External Partnerships

Mason, an attorney, father, and entrepreneur, works with Young Vets because of his passion for social justice.

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